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31 January 2013 @ 08:16 pm
Blowing the mountains of dust off my journal because there's a very important occasion:

ヽ(*・ω・)ノ。・:*:・゚'★Happy Birthday, g_pumpkin☆,。・:*:・゚'ヽ(・ω・*)ノ

You are the loveliest person in the world and ilusm. ♥ I'm sorry this is so belated, but I really wanted to do something for your birthday. My only skills in this life are languages and cooking, and there's little point in making you a cake you can't eat, soo~ I went ahead and translated Kimura's profiles from the two SMAP yearbooks as a birthday gift. Lame and petty thing as it may be, I did my best. (Special thanks to Blaine, for agreeing to beta this thing :** )
Never change, and I hope you had a great time on your birthday with those you love. *huge, rib-crushing hug ♥♥♥*

SMAP Yearbook 1993-1994 reminiscence

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SMAP Yearbook 1994-1995: revival & evolution

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P.S. Gdi, I've nearly forgotten how one posts in this thing.
P.S.2 I have to apologize to all of you for being such a shitty lj friend. I just... suck to the nth degree, I'm aware of it. ;~;~;~; m(_ _)m but if it makes you feel any better I'm a shitty friend everywhere *gets pelted with tomatoes by her irl friends*

14 July 2012 @ 02:54 am
...but I need to pour all these feelings I have because of the awesome that is the gift of SMAP tracklist:
[romaji in brackets added by me]

■『GIFT of SMAP』収録曲
1. Theme of gift -prologue-(作曲・編曲:菅野よう子)
Kanno fuckin' Youko. 'nuff said.
2. Just Go!(作詞・作曲:浅利進吾 編曲:浅利進吾・陶山隼)
3. さかさまの空 [Sakasama no Sora](作詞:麻生哲朗 作曲・編曲:菅野よう子)
4. HIKARI(作詞・作曲・編曲:HIKARI)
5. おはよう [ohayou] (作詞・作曲:前山田健一 編曲:中西亮輔)
SHINTAKU DUET. COMPOSED AND WRITTEN BY HYADAIN. The universe does grant wishes sometimes, part1. ;A;A;A;
6. 君とBoogie Woogie [Kimi to Boogie Woogie](作詞・作曲:ナオト・インティライミ 編曲:鈴木Daichi秀行)
Naoto Inti Raymi \o/\o/
7. gift(作詞:麻生哲朗 作曲:菅野よう子 編曲:CHOKKAKU)
8. 真夏の脱獄者 [Manatsu no Datsugokusha] (作詞・作曲:椎名林檎 編曲:服部隆之)
"Lyrics and Music: Shiina Ringo", yeah, we'd heard that already and copious amounts of flailing and clutching of pearls occured. But how do you like "Arrangement: Hattori Takayuki" (a.k.a. the dude behind epic OSTs like HERO and Karei Naru Ichizoku) in the same. bloody. song?? Yo dawg, I heard you like awesome, so we put more awesome in your awesome so you can die of a perfection OD while you fd;lkfsf;lsk.
9. イナクテサビシイ[Inakute Sabishii] (作詞:Blaise・Maynard・tax 作曲:Blaise・Maynard 編曲:川端良征)
Monkey Majik, done deal. (=w=)b
10. I Wanna Be Your Man(作詞:志磨遼平 作曲:Ryo Watanabe 編曲:岩田雅之)
I'm really looking forward to this one. A collaboration between two rock band vocalists (THE BAWDIES and Kegawa no Maries) can only be interesting, at the very least.
11. エンジェルはーと[Angel Heart] (作詞:野島伸司 作曲:Kabashima Kenji & kosekibeatz 編曲:宗像仁志)
I have no idea what got into Nojima Shinji and he's that much into writing lyrics lately, but he's still one of my favourite screenwriters and every endeavour of his so far has been nothing short of great, so I'm cool. This is gonna be an answer song to "Lion Heart" from the female perspective this time. I'm a little wary of it, but only because it's got a million acres of ground to cover, since, you know, it's Lion Heart we're talking about. Notice tho how compared to lion heart, even the use of hiragana and katakana is switched in the title. I liked that.
12. 前に![Mae ni!] (作詞:飯田清澄・zopp 作曲:飯田清澄 編曲:本間昭光)
I don't know anything about the composer of this one, (only that he's done a song for Passpo, lol) but judging from the title I bet it's gonna be positive and genki.
13. Theme of gift -epilogue-(作曲・編曲:菅野よう子)

<Disc-2> a.k.a. SOLOS
1. ねぇ… [Nee...] (作詞・作曲・編曲:N.マッピー・谷口尚久)
Nakai's. I wish it was an Ayaya cover, but alas. :p Judging from the title and the co-writer/composer of this song, we're probably dealing with a ballad. A downtempo song at the very least. Taniguchi Naohisa has done "White Message" and "SWING" for SMAP in the past, and usually collaborates with people like CHEMISTRY, JUJU, Mika Nakashima, so you can tell what the general picture's like.
2. La + LOVE & PEACE(作詞:Satomi 作曲・編曲:Marty Friedman)

作曲・編曲:Marty Friedman

作曲・編曲:Marty Friedman

作曲・編曲:Marty Friedman

Since Black Pirates happened, I've been praying for Marty to lend a hand in Captain's next solo. Praying, and doing lots of wishful thinking every minute of every day, not daring to express this thought anywhere in order not to jinx it. And now it came true. It really, actually did. The universe does grant wishes sometimes, part2! ;A;A;A;

I shall ignore the cheesy title for the time being and hope the song comes to suit my musical palate. I don't have many reasons to despair just yet; The only Kimura solo I don't like so far is SPECIAL, and that's because of genre reasons.

/lost all ability to can
3. Special Thanks(作詞:micca 作曲・編曲:大橋好規)
Goro's. Composed by Ohashi Trio. I think I hear celebration noises from a certain someone's general direction. xD
4. 唐獅子牡丹 [Karajishi Botan] (作詞:水城一狼・矢野 亮 作曲:水城一狼 編曲:小西康陽)
Tsuyopon(ponweiweiwei)'s. I'm looking forward to this solo, every aspect of it, at least as much as Captain's. Take a moment to consider the gravity of this statement.
This is gonna be a cover of the theme song to an old yakuza/ninkyo movie, starring and sung by Takakura Ken himself (back in the day, a lead had to do EVERYTHING, tie-ins are for losers), only arranged by Konishi Yasuharu himself. My imagination is too poor and utterly incapable of grasping the staggering amount of epic this solo will bring. Gonna blow 2006's Julie solo cover out of the water, most probably. THIS IS WHY ILU, TSU.
5. MONSTERS (Music and Words :Shingo Katori, Tomohisa Yamashita Produced by Jeff Miyahara)
LOL. Future drama theme song, Y/N? :p I'll have to listen to this first before saying anything, it could go either way.
6. CRAZY FIVE(作詞・作曲・編曲:N.マッピー・宮下浩司・宮下昌也)
There's a new sibling in the Five True Love/FIVE RESPECT family, NAKAI ILU. ;A;A;A;A;A;

[insert lake of joyful tears with me swimming in it here]

And after this eruption of emotions, I can go back to catching up with everything I've missed these days.

P.S. and fuck you too, lj, for eating everything I'd typed one click before posting, so I had to type this twice. 凸(⊙▂⊙✖ )
P.S.2 and I'm afraid you'll have to bear with all the feelings sprawled all over your f-list, because the lj-cut refuses to co-operate no matter what I do.
P.S.3 and neither does the spoiler
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26 June 2012 @ 02:01 pm
"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, had no idea where to go shopping" is one of the biggest truths this world has ever seen.
Shopping is the best therapy in the world. Fact.

Bless whoever invented online shoppingCollapse )

So many new releases I'm looking forward to next month, is it July yet.

P.S. Until further notice, this is gonna be my desktop background. It's some braiwashing I could really use.
(disclaimer: folders with weird/stupid names are my sister's doing)
P.S.2 lj's new scrapbook sucks.
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20 June 2012 @ 12:03 am

Subs here
Just substitute "summer holidays" with "the better part of the last 3 years at uni", "last day" with "every exam period" and "homework" with "courses", and this song is 100% me.

Apparently, this is the exam period where professors inception my brain and deliberately set the questions based on the things I remember the least. It's getting ridiculous, just like always missing one out of two buses of the day for mere seconds is getting ridiculous. Someone give me a reason to bother with tomorrow's exam because I really don't feel like doing a two-hour trip only to meet certain failure and plunge even further into self-loathing. Ugh.
For a procrastinating slacker, I'm too affected by underperforming in exams.

Idk, idk, I feel like my brain is fried. I don't even know how to form a proper sentence lately.

I'd wish there was a position where you got paid for stanning on things, but I fear I'm failing at that too. orz

What a pointless entry this is.
/gives up
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Praise the invisible pink unicorn, my laptop came back today~ ;A;A;
Service dude said it was just a minor thing: a piece of plastic had got inside and was jamming the fan. No idea how it got there, but since they got it out, all's good.

Therefore, now that I have net and personal space, I'm gonna do something I should have done months ago.

Time to pay the meme-dues I owe nalty7. So sorry for that, bb ç____ç

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Last but not least, a meme for next time, for which I'll be needing your help!

Give me a theme or category for jdrama top10s. 

It can be more than one and it can be anything! Seriously, ANYTHING, get creative. I'll be definitely doing "top10 drama theme songs" and I also wanna try "top10 guilty pleasures" and "top10 underrated dramas".
Anything else, just say the word and I'll think a lot and try to do it. Lists are fun, jdrama lists are AWESOME 8D.

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10 January 2012 @ 06:10 pm
...the title is 1000000% sarcastic.

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To think I was planning something nicer for first entry of the year...

I hope everyone had a better time than me these first 10 days of 2012.
2011 was a "break it" year for me in pretty much every possible sense. I won't make any resolutions this time, 'cause every time I do, it never seems to work. Every I time I set a goal, or make a wish, I seem to get opposite results. /bitter laugh


I hope you're all fine, and may the new year bring you only good stuff <33
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05 September 2011 @ 11:09 pm
What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
Oh, look! Another Writer's Block I can answer! :D 

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03 September 2011 @ 05:52 pm
Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)

To paraphrase Hachi from "Jinsei wa Jojo da": People need two things to keep living. I don't know what those are for others, but for me it's INTERNET and personal space.
So, sorry, NO.
Edit: Oh, and I forgot. Doing anything for the rest of your life is a huge commitment to take lightly, especially over money.
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27 July 2011 @ 01:43 am
Stolen from the lovely castelfranca 's journal. There's not enough SMAP love in the western fandom, I'm starting to feel ;__; *Yoda ears*

What's your name/nickname?
Did you started to like SMAP before you reached 20 years or after 20? Before, but only barely so 'cause I was 18-19 then. :p
How long have you been in the SMAP fandom? Around 2 years and a half? I'm still a foetus. ;__;
What triggered your love for SMAP?  As a dedicated Johnny’s fan and avid concert lover, I’d made it my goal to watch at least one con from every Johnny’s act available since before I even got into senpai groups. Curiosity is my middle name after all. newshfan had conveniently subbed the super.modern.artistic.performance con, so I went with that. By the end of it I was badly hooked and first thing I did after it was over was download the album. After that I went for the discography, and look at me now :p Also, a little while prior to that MR.BRAIN aired, which only picked my interest and cemented my downfall/enlightenment -depends on who you ask. 

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Now lj, if you would be so kind as to work. For once. I'm trying to post this 3 days. >:|
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07 July 2011 @ 08:35 pm
Exams are finally over. Oh my god, finally.

I wish I could be happier about it. But unfortunately, it didn't go that well... :/ Shifting and re-evaluating my study planning is in order. 'Cause the way I've been doing it these past months turned out too stressful, unproductive and overall 'much ado about nothing'.
At least I can get up, sweep the dust off my clothes and chart a new route.
Scrap. Reschedule. Redo.

Also, I can now clear my head, catch up with everything I'm behind at, and chill again. But mostly catch up with stuff I'm so painfully behind at. Yay~
That also implies that necro-commenting on entries I missed is quite imminent. :D;;

Let the last thing on this entry be a statement of appreciation for Arashi's 'Beautiful World', which turned out to be bloody awesome, times awesome. ♥♥♥♥♥

P.S. Should I get that last.fm thingy for lj now that I'm using my account there more, I wonder...
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